We are a well-known Plastic Electrical Component Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and the good thing about us is that we are manufacturing & exporting this Electronic Plastic Parts handle to the worldwide customers at very affordable price ranges. Our industries manufacture Plastic Electrical Component that have an outstanding market demand as we are providing the very toughly structured, corrosion-resistant & flame proof, and a little self-greasing up sort.

Plastic Electrical Component Manufacturer in India

Plastic Electrical Component are components made of plastic materials that are used in electronic devices. These parts serve a wide range of purposes, such as housing and protecting electronic components, providing insulation and electrical conductivity, and creating interfaces between devices and users. Examples of plastic electrical components include:

  1. Plastic enclosures or cases for electronic devices or equipment.
  2. Insulation for electrical wiring or cables.
  3. Plastic sockets, plugs, or connectors for power or data transmission.
  4. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) made of plastic materials such as FR-4 or polyimide.
  5. Switches, knobs, or buttons made of plastic for controlling electronic devices.
  6. LED or LCD displays with plastic covers or lenses.

Features of Plastic Electrical Component

  • Durability
  • Electrical properties
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lightweight
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